In a post apocalyptic world a few hundred years in the future, water is as valuable as gold and is used as the main and universal source of currency. BlackDagger is a bounty hunter who on the hunt for a man who destroyed her village and enslaved her people. Every bounty she collects brings her closer to her goal of seeking Vengeance.

Vengeance for Hearts

Fifteen years ago, the world was ravaged by a monster of mythological proportions. Now, a young man with mysterious shape-shifting power does battle with crooked heroes, ancient rites of passage and a social life that doesn't involve outgrowing the building he's in.

April Perez, is your normal high school girl who is thrown into a seemingly paranormal world and becomes a servant of Death.

Herald of Death

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ShadowRam Comics is a passion project company put together for the explicit and sole purpose of creating and writing great stories and bringing together talented artists who want to bring those stories to life.

Everyone at ShadowRam Comics, like you, have regular day jobs and work on these passion projects on the side. Purely because we love to create. However creating and putting out art still requires some kind of revenue to maintain availability to the masses.


ShadowRam Comics depends on the readers and fans to financially keep us going. In all honesty we will probably continue to create, but we just won't be able to afford this website or the programs to create the wonderful art there in.

ShadowRam Comics is comprised of Five people; two writers, one co-writer/ artist, and two artist. We are looking to grow our roster of talented writers and artists so we can bring our readers and fans the best, most interesting, out of the box thinking, exhilarating stories online and we'd like you to join us.